Ocoee River Rafting Safety & Liability

The Ocoee Rafting staff and guides make every reasonable effort to assure you and your party a safe rafting experience. Each guide is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR. However, the sport of whitewater rafting has inherent risks and dangers that are beyond human control and must be assumed by the participant. We do not assume liability for personal injuries or death. All participants and guests must agree to travel at their own risk and are required to sign a waiver of liability/assumption of risk document prior to the trip. For the safety of all, the use of alcohol or drugs before or during river trips is strictly prohibited. We will remove anyone under the influence of these substances from the trip and no refund will be given. Tennessee State Parks require all rafters on the Ocoee to be at least 12 years of age. View Waiver

Other Things You Will Need to Know

In order to help keep our life jackets sanitary, the following is required for participation: 

  1. A t-shirt or some type of shirt that covers the full back and chest must be worn by all participants. Bathing suit tops or tank tops are not allowed to be worn. 
  2. Shoes that are secure to your feet must be worn by all participants. Flip flops are not allowed to be worn. 
  3. Suntan oil is not allowed to be worn. For sun protection, use suntan lotion only. 

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