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Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee River

Welcome to Ocoee Rafting at the Ocoee Rafting Center in the Ocoee River Basin Area

We are your Ocoee River Rafting Experts. Come whitewater rafting at our Ocoee Rafting Center and have fun with us on the beautiful Ocoee River in Tennessee. We are 3 miles from Georgia and North Carolina, so it is an easy drive for many to come and enjoy the adventure of rafting on the Ocoee River.

Ocoee Rafting at the Ocoee Rafting Center operates whitewater rafting trips on the Ocoee River out of the historic Ocoee River Basin area. The river is located in the Cherokee National Forest, just two miles from the Ocoee Rafting Center, and the Ocoee was the site of the 1996 Olympic Games Ocoee River Whitewater Competition.  The Ocoee River is perfect for whitewater rafting, the rapids are classified 3 and 4 rapids, which provides great adventure and ranks the Ocoee River the most popular river in the country. There are 2 sections of the river for Ocoee River rafting: the Upper Ocoee and the Middle Ocoee, each offer about 5 miles of Ocoee Rafting FUN! Raft both sections and you’ll enjoy a 10 mile stretch of river that we call the Full River trip or the Upper Middle Ocoee River Combo.

Ocoee Rafting is the preferred Ocoee River Rafting outfitter, and being the oldest outfitter and company on the Ocoee River makes it easy to be the #1 company. All the other companies would love to be the largest company and have the customer base that we have. Many claim that they are the best but all you have to do is experience rafting at the Ocoee Rafting Center with Ocoee Rafting and you’ll know for yourself why we are the preferred outfitter on the Ocoee. Our guides spend time with our guest, they want them to love the Ocoee River as much as they do and when they leave they have gained a new friend. Our guest makes our success as well as the exceptional guides we have.  Come try rafting with us and see for yourself! Please email us at or phone us at 800-251-4800, we look forward to hearing from you.